Almond & Quinoa & Nori

Exclusive salty & crunchy from Asian recipe!

Ancient seed-Quinoa in multi-nutrient puff with almond!
Our delicious crunchy bite with natural protein from Quinoa definitely can satisfy your craving in sport time!

● Superfood-Quinoa
● Multi-nutrient puff
● Good source of fiber
● No Preservative
● Vegan

Ingredients: Almonds, Brown rice, Oats, Isomalto-oligo saccharides, Maltitol, Non-GMO Isolated soy protein, Wheat protein, Quinoa, Nori, Coix seed, Soy sauce powder (Contain soy sauce, maltodextrin), Konbli extract powder, Potato starch, Lecithin, Flavorings.

ALLERGY INFORMATION: Contain soybeans, wheat and tree nuts.