Nature’s House nutrition bar, a great-tasting crunchy bar mixed with tropical fruit from Taiwan, has been participated in several leading Marathons for charity, healthy and agriculture support. In the beginning of 2015, Nature's House nutrition bar is very glad to join the first Herbalgy Hong Kong Ultra Marathon for a meaningful purpose- charity, caring for Children Foundation with the beneficiary and also as a continuation of its commitment to marathon advocacy. Nature’s House nutrition bar is made from multi-grain puff and tropical fruits, no preservative, vegan and all natural, the best choice to refill energy. Nature’s House supports this charity event and will provide our fruity energy bars for each runner as an instant supply.

Nature's House nutrition bar is made by HUNG YANG FOODS CO., LTD., the leading textured vegetable protein manufacturer in Taiwan. The funder of HUNG YANG, Jack, a nature lover and is very active in sports, has been trying bars from many western brands. As a diabetic, the sweetness is what he cares about. Since the bars he tried were too sweet, he decided to make a nutrition bar in his own way. With over than 20 years expert experiences on extrusion technology and using whole grain, tropical fruit blended into nutrient flour, then through extrusion process to make crunchy and chewy puff, here comes Nature’s House nutrition bar! As a sport-lover, he often supports marathons and bicycle races, e.g. Taiwan Rice Heaven-Tianzhong Marathon 2013-2014.

It’s our pride to join the first Marathon supported by IAU in Hong Kong as a sponsor from Taiwan. The registration are so enthusiastically that we’re glad over 12 country's professional runners will taste our bar. Nature's House will develop more series especially for sport. Our goal is providing natural and delicious multi-grain products with our core technology and taking care of people’s health every day.